Sales History


Past High Selling Bulls


Springcreek Liner 56U
LaBatte Simmentals, Woods Land & Cattle and Circle 7 Simmentals


Springcreek Lotto 52Y
LaBatte Simmentals and Black Sand Cattle Co.


Springcreek Olympian 66A
Canadian Sires and Muirhead Ranches

MBJ 903A

Springcreek Gold Standard
Black Sand Cattle Co.


Springcreek Power 55A
Black Gold Simmentals


Springcreek Grand Slam
Bata Bros. Simmentals and Triple H Simmentals


Springcreek Zeus 55B
R Plus Simmentals

MBJ 804B

Springcreek Apollo 804B
RKT Simmentals


Springcreek Paragon 78B
EDN Simmentals


Springcreek Advance 38B
Harvie Ranching


Springcreek Spark Plug
LaBatte Simmentals, Circle 7 Simmentals and Sun Rise Simmentals


Springcreek Irish 97C
Gordon Jones Simmentals and Woods L & C.

MBJ 145C

Springcreek Hercules 145C
Lazy Creek Simmentals

MBJ 118C

Springcreek Gladiator 118C
Circle 7 and Cow Trax Cattle Co.


Springcreek Blue Chip
Canadian Sires and Beechinor Simmentals


Springcreek Liner 52D
Bata Bros. Simmentals


Springcreek Cash 7D
Dugdale Ag.


Springcreek Anchorman
Deeg Simmental and Muirhead Simmental


Past High Selling Females


Springcreek Tara 7P
Black Sand Cattle Co and Sun Rise Simmentals


Springcreek Linne 6R
Dugdale Ag.


Springcreek Linne 23R
Boundary Ranch


Springcreek Linne 33R
Canadian Donors


Springcreek Linne 72S
Matt Lowery


Springcreek Blk Tess 25T
Ultra Livestock


Springcreek Tara 39T
Come As U R


Springcreek Brooke 11W
Black Gold Simmentals


Springcreek Jaycee 53W
JP Simmentals


Springcreek Joynt 59W
Scissor’s Creek Simmental

MBJ 103W

Springcreek Goldy 103W
Rust Simmentals

MBJ 720W

Springcreek Honey 720W
Swan Lake Simmentals


Springcreek Linne 59U
JP Simmentals


Springcreek Lima 31W
Circle 7


Springcreek Detroit 32W
Sunny Valley Simmentals

MBJ 138W

Springcreek Lena 138W
Triple R Simmentals


Springcreek Beauty 33U
Rainbow River Ranch


Springcreek Goldy 16X
Kyle Nimigeers

MBJ 101X

Springcreek Rose 101X
LaBatte Simmentals


In Pursuit of Perfection Customer Care Programs

IPOP (In Pursuit of Perfection) Bull Sale Customer Care Winter Feeding Program

The objective of this program is to work with our customers to foster the yearling bull through the most critical year of his life -- the first winter after
his inaugural breeding season. In the case of our sale, most of these bulls are yearling bulls. The challenge for many producers, but not all, is
where do you put them? They are usually a nuisance and if you put them with the mature bulls they never do as well. Tying up a pen or field to
feed just a few animals becomes a challenge as well.

The program is built on a sliding scale which works off the purchase price of the bull or bull average (multiple bulls). IPOP Bull Sale will
charge the customer the amount left owing on the feeding program in that purchase bracket. If a purchase price is between a trigger point, it
will be rounded down. Based on industry feedback the wintering of a yearling bull will be $700 +/- per head.

The cost for the feeding program will be charged on delivery of the bull in the fall, based on the range you fall into for that bull or group of
bulls, or no charge at all! IPOP Bull Sale will deal with the feeding co-operator on complete feeding program costing.

The sign up for this program will be on sale day or shortly after the spring IPOP Bull Sale to allow time to coordinate the winter program. If
the customer does not wish to utilize this support tool then there will be no credit given for feeding their own bulls.

The Wintering Program will start in mid October and run to April 1st. If additional time is required by the customer on either side of this
program (fall or extended spring) it will be at the customer's expense and at the convenience of the feeding cooperator. All bull deliveries in
the fall will be cordinated into a 3-4 day window.

Purchase price (net price after volume incentives and repeat customer discounts) of bull (or average of bulls) and the corresponding feeding
cost per bull:

$2500-$3000   $600 winter feeding cost
$3500   $500 winter feeding cost
$4000   $400 winter feeding cost
$4500   $300 winter feeding cost
$5000   $200 winter feeding cost
$5500   $100 winter feeding cost
$6000 and above   winter feeding cost included in the purchase price of the bull

IPOP Bull Sale "Live Long Bull Warranty"

The goal of this program is again to work with our customers in sharing the risk on bulls that will not work based on factors out of their
control. We also want to take more responsibility in seeing a bull through to maturity and ensuring things like feet and legs stand up. A bull
purchase is a major investment not just for the future of your herd but in the expectation of a longer productive life of the animal. We also
assume there is risk past year one, even though most bulls are only insured in their first year of service. We want to work with our customers
through to maturity. The time your bull spends in the Winter Feeding Program will be included in this warranty. If the IPOP Bull Sale
"Live Long Bull Warranty" is initiated, it will be paid out in the form of a credit towards the purchase of a bull in the subsequent year's sale.
Purchaser must notify Spring Creek Simmentals, (306) 435-3590 or Black Sand Cattle Co., (204) 761-5991 immediately of any problems
with or death of a purchased bull(s). Purchaser must employ a licensed veterinarian to treat , diagnose and/or fill out a vet form. If the animal
dies, a postmortem may be required. Injury or death due to malicious, wilful or intentional acts or mistreatment by the purchaser or his
employees is a fraudulent claim. In the event of mortality of a purchase bull, the seller's credit responsibility will be limited to $20,000.00/
bull or the purchase price if less. Buyers are responsible for their own mortality insurance on individual purchase prices over $20,000.00.
Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and to help protect your investment through to maturity. We are your partner in business!
Breeding Season One
Bull fails/dies -Buyer receives full credit less salvage price if any
Breeding Season Two
Bull fails/dies - Buyer receives 50% credit on purchase price less salvage value if any
Breeding Season Three
Bull fails/dies - Buyer receives 25% credit on purchase price less salvage value if any
Breeding Season Four
Bull fails/dies in fourth or subsequent years - No warranty available

IPOP Volume Incentive "Go big and go home happy" Program

This simple program is designed to support our customers who need to make multiple bull purchases in one season. Our same customer may
not be interested in travelling hundreds of miles to get it done. Discounts will only apply to bulls that are paid for in full on sale day. Absentee
buyers will have a 30 day extension for their discount. Partnership bulls will not apply. We want to facilitate and reward your efforts!

2 Bulls – 3% Volume Discount   5 Bulls – 10% Volume Discount
3 Bulls – 5% Volume Discount   6 Bulls or more – 12%
4 Bulls – 8% Volume Discount    

"New" - IPOP Repeat Customer – Loyalty Incentive Program

2% Discount on all bulls if you are a repeat customer. This will be added on top of your "Volume Discount" if you purchase multiple bulls.